My racing career began at age seven on a PW50. This was when I first fell in love with two wheels and dirt. It was a love that would carry me to rise through the amateur ranks. I turned pro in 2012. In 2014 I suffered a career ending injury breaking my L5, and S1 vertebrae. Following a long rehabilitation period, I was determined to get back on two wheels. I decided to retire from full time racing. So, I took up downhill mountain bike racing and have never looked back. With it being a natural transition from motocross, I quickly rose through the ranks and received my pro license in 2017. I had a baby in 2019 and wanted to pick up dirt bike racing again. I started racing dirt bikes again after a long time off and the passion is even stronger than it was before. As I progress and chase my dreams as an athlete, I also look to expand our community and focus on growing the sport for women. I’ve had many mentors throughout the years and hope that I can pay it forward to a new generation.


Hi my name is Dominic McRoberts Im 18 and I’m a Strongman and Powerlifting competitor. The origin of the love for these sports all started in high school. The main reason I started lifting was just to get better at football and to be strong for football. But soon after I got into lifting all that changed for me. I began to realize that putting more and more weight on the bar was rush for me. It was something that I could challenge myself with and thats why it became so intriguing for me. None of this would have been possible without my high school strength training and weights coach Cade Ackley. He was always pushing me to be better and spreading his knowledge to me anytime I had a question about something or needed help with form. My goals are to hold world records and to win as many competitions as I can. Another goal of mine is to help others with fitness goals and help teach them about the sports of strongman and powerlifting that I love so much.





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